NATRAY Consulting Group will assist you in the different phases of your projects, you are in an investment phase, a company already well established on the market, or an international donor funding for development projects.


We assist you in managing your projects and improve your performance:

  • Administrative and financial management outsourced
  • Optimization of cash management and financing
  • Development of business plan
  • Implementation of internal control: process modeling and business processes, information systems, mapping risks and control devices


We also assist you in mastering your risk:

  • As an investor, you want to obtain information on the reputation of the target company and its leaders
  • You want to assess the exposure of your business to the risks of fraud and you want to be assisted in the implementation of prevention devices
  • You want to be determined the merits of allegations of fraud or corruption and its impact is encrypted and a report of the facts recorded may be produced in court. We also analyze the process of fraud, establish a diagnosis of internal control weaknesses that allowed its implementation and propose corrective measures.

Other assignments:

  • Business valuation
  • Fairness

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